Admission conditions

Admissions to the master’s degree programs within DRIIE are made exclusively online, in descending order of the final grade and in correlation with the candidate’s options, according to the places available stated in the educational offer for the academic year 2022-2023.

The final grade is established after holding an online interview, organized on July 25, 2022. The interview consists in presenting the essay previously uploaded to the platform The interview is organized on the platform provided by the university (Cisco Webex).

Candidates can choose master’s degrees in both fields:

Field 1



in Romanian:

  • Analysis and resolution of conflicts
  • Diplomacy and international negotiations
  • Evaluation of European public policies and programs
  • European politics and economy
  • International relations and European integration
  • In-depth studies of international relations and European integration

in English:

  • Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid
  • Security and diplomacy
  • Security and Technology
Field 2 In English/Spanish:

  • Latin American studies

The admission essay must be written in the language of the first master’s degree program of choice (e.g. in English if the first option is security and technology, in romanian if the first option is european politics and economy). If the master’s program chosen as the first option is in Romanian, and one of the following options is in a foreign language, the candidate will also write and upload a letter of motivation in that foreign language (english or spanish).

If a candidate wants to compete for admission in more than one master’s program and one of them is in a different field, it is mandatory to write and upload two essays, one for each field (respectively, field 1 – “International Relations and European Studies” and field 2 – “Political Science”). If both of them are in the same field, one essay suffices.

Candidates can opt for a maximum of 3 master’s programs, prioritizing their options.

The essay will be uploaded only once for each domain (regardless of the number of options) and the content will target the first option within the domain.

The Department of International Relations and European Integration offers to those who wish to enter the competition  ONLINE TUTORING.

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