Svetlana Florea

„Dear Colleagues and Future Students of DICHA, I would like to express my thoughts of appreciation for Master Program DICHA, starting from the administrative staff of the faculty that made the whole process of enrolment very fast and easy, to the scholars that have real background and experience about what they teach their students, as we say “Practice what you preach”.

A big advantage of this Master Program is that you have a variety of courses from law to economics that are really helpful to students coming either from administrative background or from the private sector and all of them are taught in English. The good level of knowledge and education among my colleagues was a big surprise for me. This shows that the selection process is really made at a higher level. I truly consider this MA program one of the best in our country and suitable for those who just finished their graduate studies and also for those who are willing to continue their studies after a long pause. Best Wishes and Never Stop Learning.”

Svetlana Florea31 years old, Oil & Gas Industry, Master Program Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid
Eleonore af Schaumburg-Lippe

My name is Eleonore af Schaumburg-Lippe, I am Danish and I am studying a Master in Security and Diplomacy at SNSPA in Bucharest Romania. I find that this Master is an excellent and insightful program for expats as we non native Romanians are called in Romania to study. First of all the lectures are all in English, the professors are specialist within their fields and has been or are working within the fields that they are teaching in. This gives you as a student a great updated insight not only about Romania, the history of Romania, but also international institutions and the relations between the regions of the world when it comes to security and diplomacy. Previous I have often sadly been told to expect a low education level in Romania, but I have been very positively surprised indeed. Both the professors and the students are very skilled, updated and active. When people ask me, can you tell something about the Master, you are studying. I always answer. Studying this master, is one of the best decisions, I have ever taken, so if you are an expat here in Romania, and you want to update your educational background, I can truly recommend you to attend the Master in Security and Diplomacy at SNSPA.

Eleonore af Schaumburg-LippeMaster Program Security and Diplomacy