DIREI organizes admission contest in the academic year 2016-2017 for the following Master’s Degree programs:


Form of study –2 years
1. International Relations and European Integration
2. International Relations – Conflict Analysis and Resolution
3. European Integration – European Politics and Economy
4. Evaluation of European Public Policies and Programs
5. Security and Diplomacy – in English
6. Diplomacy and Negotiations
7. Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid –  in English
8. Advanced Studies in International Relations and European Integration
9. Latin-American Studies

The MA programs are addressed to graduates Bachelor studies and are divided into four semesters, corresponding to a total of 120 transferable study credits (ECTS). Classes are held in the afternoon, in the center of Bucharest. 

The graduates from our Master’s Degree programs will acquire the necessary skills to become diplomats, experts and negotiators in international institutions and organizations, experts in Ministries, county councils, prefectures or city halls, evaluators of public policies and programs, experts in drawing European funds, or mediators in international conflicts.

In the past 22 years, graduates from DIREI have enhanced their careers within agencies, EU institutions and other organizations such as UN, NATO, OSCE, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, and many other areas, including the private sector (on the internal or external relations of auto, IT, banking, finance or media companies). A large number of Romanian and Moldovan diplomats studied at DIREI – NSPSPA.

During the admission process, the candidates are assessed based on the following:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Academic essay of 5-10 pages in Romanian, English or French, on a topic related to the subject of the chosen Master’s Degree program;
  • Interview.

For Master’s Degree programs like “Security and Diplomacy”, “Development, Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid” and “Latin-American Studies”, the academic essay must be prepared and submitted in English or in Spanish (in the case of the latter).

For those who have completed undergraduate studies in a domain close to the specific of the Master’s Degree program, the admission essay can consist of a chapter extracted from their Bachelor thesis. For the candidates who do not opt for a scholarship covering the tuition fee, it is not required to attend the interview.

 Online pre-enrollment form throughout the year

Applicants are encouraged to fill in this form, in order to benefit from information concerning the conduct of the DIREI events such as:

  • subscription to a monthly newsletter with opportunities and events in the field of International Relations and European Studies;
  • the dissemination of information concerning DIREI events such as conferences, debates, roundtables, book releases, educational fairs, lectures open to the public, tutoring activities and so on;
  • online academic tutoring for writing the admission essay (on request);
  • specific professional guidance and counseling for each MA program.

The admission file must contain:

  • Certified copy of the Bachelor degree or equivalent (certificate) in original;
  • Certified copy of the Birth certificate;
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate or of the documents attesting the change of the name, if necessary;
  • Medical certificate in the original (from the family doctor, mentioning that you are “suitable for Master’s Degree registration”);
  • 4 recent photographs ID type;
  • Receipt of payment of the registration fee of 150 lei (which is paid at the pay desk of NSPSPA or in our bank account);
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Academic essay*;
  • Application form (that can be downloaded from here)

*The graduates of Political Science, International Relations, History or other related fields can replace the admission essay with a chapter from their Bachelor thesis. The online pre-enrolled students can receive, on demand, guidance for writing the essay or counseling for other special situations.

Students from non-EU states might need additional documents. Therefore, please feel free to use our online pre-enrollment service or to ask questions at the following e-mail address: admitere@dri.snspa.ro

For the Moldovian citizens and also for those from the Diaspora and the Balkans, there will be allocated special student places by the Ministry of Education. For further information, please contact DIREI’s secretariat.

According to the law, the accepted persons into a Master’s Degree program (2 years) have studentship throughout the entire period of their presence within the program and benefit from a 50% discount of public transport subscriptions, full reimbursement of one of them, rail travel vouchers with 50% discount and other benefits.

The Department of International Relations and European Integration offers Merit Grants, Scholarships and Social Grants from state budget funds or from its own. Moreover, DIREI offers student dormitory accommodation. The buttery is located in the NSPSPA’s headquarters, with a capacity of 50 seats.