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feb 20, 2017

International Conference Challenges and Reforms of the European Labour Market Call for papers

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International Conference Challenges and Reforms of the European Labour Market
Call for papers
The International Conference Challenges and Reforms of the European Labour Market is organised by the Department of International Relations and European Integration of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest. Its aim is to make a contribution to the understanding of policy regarding the European labour market (ELS) and its actors: supranational, national, regional and local institutions and workers, on the way that the European framework offers an alternative to national rigid policies. We also encourage practical approaches, thus analyses developed on specific regulations and case studies of different professional sectors.
The policies in this field do not have a continuous evolution, but instead have met both progresses and obstacles. This happened due to internal reforms, such as the ones introduced by the Lisbon Treaty in 2009 that has offered a new impulse for the European integration process and to external factors, like the economic crisis from 2008 that has caused political and social turmoil as austerity measures affecting the labour market have been applied. Also, a key discussion point could be whether the influence of the Eastern Enlargement has led to an evolution or rather to a stagnation of the ELS policies. Nonetheless, topics can be on a wide range, from theoretical perspectives on how EU policies are designed and implemented in this field to practical researches on different case studies or comparative analyses. 

There are no fees required for this conference, as it is organized by the Jean Monnet Chair led by prof. univ. dr. Iordan Gheorghe Bărbulescu. 


  1. Economic aspects of the evolution of the European Labour Market
  2. Social aspects of the evolution of the European Labour Market
  3. Political aspects of the evolution of the European Labour Market



The abstracts will be sent in .doc/.docx format to, specifying in the title: “ELM Conference Abstract”. Please specify in the document the panel you are submitting the paper for. In case of acceptance, the papers will be sent sent in .doc/.docx format to the same email, specifying in the title: “ELM Conference Paper”.


Important dates:

Abstract Submission                                           March 30th 2017

Acceptance Notice                                             March 31th 2017

Final Papers Submission                                     May  5th 2017

Final Program publication on the web page          May 8th 2017

European Labour Market Conference 2017           June 8th 2017


Publishing opportunities:

The best papers considered by the peer reviewers will be included in the European Labour Market Conference Volume, with ISSN and published by a recognised Publishing House. 

Guideline for authors:

The papers must be entirely written in English; they must have minimum 3000 words and maximum 15000 words and must exactly comply with the instructions in the template attached. Papers which don’t comply with the formatting conditions described below will be returned to the authors and will only be taken into consideration for final review when they fulfil the mentioned standards.

Rules on citation and bibliography:


Paper Structure:


TITLE OF THE PAPER (Times New Roman, 14, Centred, CAPS LOCK) 


The affiliation and the webmail address will be added like a footnote at the first name and the surname of the author. 

ABSTRACT (Times New Roman, 10, Italic, Justify) 

No more than 400 words. The abstract must clearly specify the justification of of the paper’s theme and the objectives pursued by the author by his/her analysis.

KEYWORDS: five key words, defining the subject approached in the paper (Times New Roman, 10, Italic, Justify).

INTRODUCTION (Times New Roman, 12, Justify)

The authors should use this section in order to set clear the paper’s aim, the theoretical/ideological perspective they are using for the analysis, the instruments/variables they use in the research.

PAPER CONTENT (Times New Roman, 12, Justify)

The headlines may vary given the different settings of each approached subject, but they should respect the following format: Times New Roman, 12, Bold, Justify, numbering without list, like for example:

1. Section 

1.1. Subsection etc

CONCLUSIONS (Times New Roman, 12, Justify) 

The conclusions section shall cover three elements: (1) it shall summarize the main outcomes; (2) it shall present the expected impact of the research outcomes; (3) it shall include suggestions for further research work.

REFERENCES (Times New Roman, 12, Justify) 

References shall be written in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style:

References and footnotes are mandatory.