The Centre for European Studies (CES), established by Government Decision No. 1082/2003 is a teaching and academic research structure within the Department of International Relations and European Integration (DIREI) of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration(NUPSPA).

CES promotes education and professional training in the European Studies and International Relations field, contributing with its research projects, analysis and evaluations to a better understanding of the functioning and evolution of the processes and dynamics of world politics. CES supports in-depth innovative investigations of the European and international polity, politics and policies, stimulating debate and facilitating academic networking of scholars interested in these topics. The members and volunteers of CES prepare analytical research papers, offer consultancy on diverse European and international themes, organise and participate in national and international programs and projects aimed at promoting cooperation and information dissemination in these educational and research areas. The sustained and comprehensive dialogue and debates on various aspects regarding the complex dynamics on the international arena are promoted by CES through conferences and seminars and the resulted expertise is extremely useful not only for researchers and the academic field but it is also significant for the civil society, Romanian national institutions contributing in the end to a better understanding of the current international system. With the Master programmes it promoted viewed in the wider context of the all the other educational programmes of DIREI and together with the analysis of different International and European aspects, the expertise offered in the end by CES is able to respond to the practical needs of the Romanian society, economy and administration, being thus a way of improving them, contributing also to an actual construction of identities at a European level. CES brings together at different debates researchers (know-how providers) and actors involved in public policies who represent the main beneficiaries, in order to raise the quality standard of the domestic input in the process of analysis and policy-making at national, European and international level. Thus, CES is trying to illustrate how enhancing the academic, theoretical research is useful in the practical policy-making process and how important is to have national experts trained in undertaking research in the European and international studies field. At a national level, CES cooperates with Romanian state institutions, public administration, private sector, NGO`s in organizing various seminars and debates which promote the European participatory democracy in action and European social values contributing to a deepening of the European integration process and being a valuable instrument for the global affirmation of the significance of the European Union in a broader context of International Relations.

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