Master students from DRIIE have won a debate competition!

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017, Master students from the Department of International Relations and European Integration (DRIIE) of SNSPA participated in the debate “Romania and Kosovo Independence – Pro and Contra?”, hosted by the Faculty of History of the University of Bucharest, and organized with the support of ARDOR Muntenia.

The hosts, Master students from the Faculty of History, have proved to be a strong opponent, underlining a number of advantages of Kosovo’s recognition, insisting on the benefits of this step to Kosovo’s political entity and to the stability in the region. Assuming their role as opponents to the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, the four DRIIE master students (Dragoș Ioniță, Aurel Lazăr and Laura Ilisii from the MA Diplomacy and Negotiations, and Monica Andonie from the MA Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid) have been declared the winning team of the debate. We would like to congratulate the DRIIE team members and to thank the representative of ARDOR Muntenia, Mr. Dragoş Sassu, for the impartial arbitration and the personal pieces of advice given.

Supported by our colleague, Lecturer Miruna Troncotǎ, DRIIE master students have proved a real adaptability to the scenario proposed by the opposing team, succeeding in highlighting their arguments and showing once again the team’s strength and the good training in the field of International Relations they have benefited from during their studies. This and to the quality of the arguments that were debated have contributed to achieving the victory, in spite of the limited preparation time.  As a prize, the winning team was given the opportunity by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society to attend the International Summer at the University in Pristina, Kosovo, during July 3rd – 14th, 2017. Congratulations!

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