Accommodation in NSPSPA dormitories

Master’s degree students from DIREI can benefit of accommodation, to the extent of available student places, in the NSPSPA dormitories in Băneasa (Str. Bihar, no. 12, District 1) and Cernica.

Who can apply?

  • Romanian students at all educational levels residing in the province;
  • Foreign scholars of the Romanian state;
  • Foreign NSPSPA students (including Erasmus students);
  • Teachers, to the extent of available seats, based on a prior decision of the NSPSPA Senate, at the proposal of each faculty, with accommodation fee;
  • Other people, based on an academic agreement, to the extent of available seats and with an accommodation fee established by the Board of Directors of the National School on the proposal of the General Administrative Department.

How can someone apply?

Students submit their request for accommodation along with the social records, if any, in the period determined by the Board of Directors, at the Social Service. If the admission to Master’s Degree programs or Ph.D. takes place after that date, candidates can still submit their application, but if they are not admitted they will lose the seat.

One of the NSPSPA student dormitory in Băneasa has 252 seats: 38 rooms of 6 seats (228 seats) and 6 rooms of 4 seats (24 seats). The second NSPSPA student dormitory in Băneasa has 162 seats: 39 rooms of 4 seats (156 seats) and 3 studios of 2 seats (6 seats). The third NSPSPA dormitory, which is located in Cernica, has 134 seats as following: 2 apartments, 23 rooms of 1 seat (23 seats), 46 rooms of 2 seats (92 seats), 3 rooms of 3 seats (9 seats) and 2 rooms of 4 seats (8 seats).

The complete regulations regarding the organization and functioning of NSPSPA student dormitories, including an application model and the list of documents required for the social case file can be found here.(link)

Also here you can download a list of answers to frequently asked questions about accommodation in NSPSPA dormitories.


Students can consult the available academic papers in the NSPSPA library and can access some of the most important international databases in which there are indexed journals of main concern in the social sciences.

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